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Business Matters 1917 - 1925

2/25/17 - Boston, Massachusettes

Boston Automobile Show

AMC Six hits the show circuit

(Automobile Journal)

Louis Chevrolet autograph

Spring 1917 - Plainfield, New Jersey

Louis Chevrolet becomes center piece

of AMC's advertising campaign

(Automobile Trade Journal)

4/01/17 - Plainfield, New Jersey

AMC Balanced Six starts production

just as America enters WW1

(The Hub)

11/03/17 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet has garage business.

Expands operations with improvements

(Indianapolis Star)

3/18/18 - New York City

Louis Chevrolet on board of AMC,

but spends most of his time racing

(Trade Journal Report)

11/04/18 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet sells used cars

at his shop on North Illinois Street

(Indianapolis Star)

1/27/19 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet offers full range of

automotive services at his garage

(Indianapolis Star)

3/01/19 - Plainfield, New Jersey

AMC enters into licensing agreement

with Australian firm (Goes International)

(The Motor in Australia)

3/10/19 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Terrific advertisement for

Arthur Chevrolet's Garage

(Indianapolis News)

4/12/19 - Plainfield, New Jersey

AMC has financial difficulties,

stock is not a recommended buy

(U.S. Investor)

9/20/19 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Louis Chevrolet leaves AMC,

enters into contract with William Small

(Automobile Topics)

12/27/19 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Louis Chevrolet featured speaker

at SAE meeting in Indianapolis

(Automobile Industries)

8/24/20 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Monroe Automobile Company

files for bankruptcy protection

(Associated Press)

12/30/20 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet incorporates garage,

name of company is "A. Chevrolet"

(Indiana State Archives)

3/05/21 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Frontenac cylinder heads hit the market

the ultimate trick part for your Model T

(Indianapolis News)

Document signed by Louis Chevrolet and Arthur Chevrolet

4/05/21 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Chevrolet Bros Mfg Co. is established,

company specializes in cylinder heads

(Indiana State Archives)

6/28/21 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Chevrolet Bros Mfg Co. stock

offered to public for $100.00 per share

(Indianapolis News)

8/18/21 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Frontenac Motor Company builds

new Anahuac Car

(Indianapolis News)

10/15/21 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Chevrolet Bros. Mfg Co.

moves to new building on West 10th St.

(Automobile Topics)

12/31/21 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Frontenac Motor Company

plans to build passenger automobiles

(Automobile Topics)

1/07/22 - New York City

Frontenac Motor Company

debuts hardware at NY Auto Show

(Automobile Topics)

1/15/22 - New York City

Douglas Wheeler gives deposit to

Louis Chevrolet for 1st Frontenac car

(Indianapolis Star)

3/10/22 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Frontenac Motor Co. makes plans, and tests prototype at speedway

(Indianapolis News)

4/12/22 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Frontenac Motor Co. acquires plant

which was site of the Empire Motor Co.

(Indianapolis News)

8/10/22 - New York City

Trading of stock in Frontenac Motor Co.

suspended on stock exchange

(New York Times)

12/03/22 - St. Louis, Missouri

Scheel Motor Co. to race at Indy,

Louis Chevrolet to build race cars

(St. Louis Star)

1/27/23 - Indianapolis, Indiana

A. Chevrolet & Chevrolet Bros. Merge,

Arthur Chevrolet named President

(Indianapolis Star)

4/16/23 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Frontenac Motor Company bankrupt,

Louis Chevrolet files papers in court

(Automotive Industries)

8/16/23 - Chicago, Illinois

3 Businessmen from Chicago

form new Frontenac Corporation

(Secretary of State - Delaware)

7/28/24 - Indianapolis, Indiana

New Frontenac Passenger Car has

8-cylinder single sleeve valve engine

(Motor Age)

8/14/24 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Louis Chevrolet unveils new Frontenac

to the motoring press

(Motor World)

9/04/25 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Louis Chevrolet makes investment in

Nyona Lake Amusement Company

(Indianapolis Star)

10/01/25 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet participates in

Ford Aviaition Meet

(Indianapolis Star)

10/03/25 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Louis Chevrolet participates in

Ford Aviaition Meet

(Indianapolis Star)

10/20/25 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Louis Chevrolet finishes da Vinci car,

James Scripps-Booth can't get a plate 

(Indianapolis News)

12/14/25 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Louis Chevrolet makes comments on 

da Vinci automobile & Argyll engine 

(Time Magazine)

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