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Strange, ... but True

Strange ...but True

6/30/01 - Brooklyn, New York

Louis Chevrolet has car accident, 

hits cyclist with De Dion Bouton 

(The Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

10/11/04 - Long Island, New York

Arthur Chevrolet working as chauffeur 

victim of armed robbery 

(The Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

10/12/05 - New York City

Louis Chevrolet arrested for operating 

vehicle without a license plate 

(The World)

6/23/09 - Chicago, Illinois

Burglars try to steal Cobe Cup Trophy 

from Chevrolet's hotel room

(Wire Report)

8/10/10 - Flint, Michigan

Louis Chevrolet has fender bender 

with Dallas Dort

(Flint Daily Journal)

8/20/10 - Flint, Michigan

Louis Chevrolet runs Buick race car on 

the street, and is caught for speeding

(Flint Daily Journal)

6/05/11 - Detroit, Michigan

Louis Chevrolet is caught for speeding, and has difficult time in court

(The Flint Daily Journal)

8/06/11 - Flint, Michigan

Louis Chevrolet has dinner with 

Albert Champion, gets mud on his face

(The Flint Daily Journal)

5/11/12 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Victim of 1910 Vanderbilt Cup accident

files suit against Buick Motor Company

(Ft. Wayne Sentinel)

Louis Chevrolet knocks streetcar off of tracks

12/24/12 - Detroit, Michigan

Louis Chevrolet has collision with city

streetcar, and passengers are injured.

(The Detroit Times)

4/13/13 - Washington, D.C.

Louis Chevrolet is stopped by the police

for exceeding the speed limit

(Washington Star)


Arthur Chevrolet banned from racing by

AAA Contest Board

(Automobile Topics)

6/17/15 - Hammond, Indiana

Louis Chevrolet arrested for speeding

enroute to Chicago Speedway

(Hammond Times)

8/15/15 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet involved in car accident, and the other driver is injured

(Indianapolis Star)

3/01/16 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet is sued for 1915 car accident, and wins jury trial

(Indianapolis News)

10/27/16 - Marion, Indiana

Bizarre incident following hunting trip

to Michigan 

(Indianapolis Star)

1/01/17 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet involved in auto accident, wife Anna is hurt

(Indianapolis News)

12/06/17 - Noblesville, Indiana

Annie Chevrolet sues City of Indy for damages, jury finds for the defendant

(Indianapolis Star)

May 1918

Robert Ripley essay on Louis Chevrolet

"Believe it or not !"

(Waco News Tribune)

10/16/18 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet penalized for

violating WW1 Blackout Laws

(Indianapolis News)

7/08/19 - Newark, New Jersey

Gaston Chevrolet involved in accident, and is cited for reckless driving

(New York Sun)

11/10/19 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Gaston Chevrolet caught in speed trap, 41 other drivers given tickets

(Indianapolis News)

6/12/20 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet has vehicle stolen from his shop on North Illinois St.

(Indianapolis Star)

7/11/20 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Following crash at speedway, Arthur Chevrolet has watch stolen at hospital

(Indianapolis News)

7/19/20 - Pyrmont, Indiana

Gaston Chevrolet has bad car accident,

several people shaken up

(Lafayette Times)

1/26/21 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Louis Chevrolet files law suit

on behalf of Gaston Chevrolet's estate

(Indianapolis Star)

1/29/22 - Chicago, Illinois

Louis Chevrolet brakes leg in taxi cab

accident, later visited by Barney Oldfield

(Wire Report)

7/28/22 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet victim of check fraud, payment was used to buy automobile

(Indianapolis News)

10-29-22 IS.jpg

10/29/22 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Art Chevrolet proves to be deadly with

12-gauge, breaks 99 out of 100 clays

(Indianapolis Star)

11/08/22 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Mrs. Chevrolet arrested for assault and battery stemming from auto accident

(Indianapolis Star)

9/16/23 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Louis Chevrolet arrested for speeding, and eluding the police

(Indianapolis Star)

7/25/24 - Greenfield, Indiana

Louis Chevrolet testifies in court on behalf of E.L. Jacoby (Frontenac CEO)

(Greenfield Daily Reporter)

9/03/24 - Winchester, Indiana

Art Chevrolet & the Ormsby brothers are arrested for DWI

(Indianapolis Star)

12/09/24 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Chevrolet Brothers shop on

West 10th Street is burglarized

(Indianapolis News)

1/28/26 - Greenfield, Indiana

Anna Chevrolet defendant in case

stemming from Nov '22 auto accident

(Hancock Democrat)

10/27/26 - Detroit, Michigan

Louis Chevrolet has emergency surgery

while visiting Detroit

(Automotive Industries)

5/31/28 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Armed bandits rob patrons of Indy 500

banquet at the Broadmoor Country Club

(Time Magazine)

7/05/28 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Chevrolet Bros sue driver Bill Jeffries

for non payment of services

(Indianapolis News)

5-05-31 IT.jpg

5/05/31 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet is a victim of crime,

has car stolen from his residence

(Indianapolis Times)

7/12/33 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet testifies in court

following arrest for assault & battery

(Indianapolis Star)

6/11/34 -Tipton, Indiana

Louis Chevrolet's car destroyed by fire

on trip from Indy to Detroit

(Kokomo Tribune)

Arthur Chevrolet shoots Hole in One

8/01/34 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet enjoys a round of golf, and shoots a Hole-in-One

(Indianapolis Times)

6/20/35 - Grand Rapids, Michigan

Louis Chevrolet testifies in Federal Court against Ford Motor Company

(Lansing State Journal)

6/06/41 - Detroit, Michigan

Louis Chevrolet passes away following

complications from leg amputation

(The Detroit News) 

7/26/43 - New Orleans, Louisiana

Arthur Chevrolet's grandson drowns

in swimming accident

(New Orleans Times-Picayune)

Arthur Chevrolet - Fine Portrait

Fellow Citizens of Indianapolis

(Indiana Album)

4/16/46 - Slidell, Louisiana

Arthur Chevrolet's suffers from depression, takes his own life

(Wire Report - United Press Int'l)

Louis Chevrolet - Fine Portrait

Fellow Citizens of Indianapolis

(Indiana Album)

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