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Business Matters 1926 - 1930

1/27/26 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Chevrolet Brothers expand operations,

company reports strong financial status

(Indianapolis News)

7/10/26 - Middletown, Ohio

Louis Chevrolet meets with executives 

of the Moundsville Aircraft Corporation

(Hamilton Evening Journal)

7/23/27 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Chevrolet Brothers build first engine 

for the Moundsville Aircraft Corporation

(Indianapolis News)

7/30/27 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Chevrolet Brothers build first aero mill,

4-cylinder with single overhead cam

(Indianapolis News)

8/05/27 - Moundsville, West Virginia

Charles Lindbergh inspects Lone Eagle

equipped with Chevrolet Bros engine

(Wire Report)

8/27/27 - Moundsville, West Virginia

Test Flight of Lone Eagle Aircraft ends

with engine failure & emergency landing

(Moundsville Journal)

12/17/27 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet places order for a new

Model A Ford

(Indianapolis News)

5/08/28 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Louis Chevrolet forms new company,

brother Art is not part of the new firm

(Indianapolis News)

5/28/28 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet modifies '27 aero mill,

new DOHC design being tested

(Indianapolis News)

8/12/28 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Louis Chevrolet accepts consulting job

with Stutz Automobile Company

(Indianapolis Star)

9/16/28 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet builds DOHC engine

for Moundsville Lone Eagle aircraft

(Indianapolis Star)

11/08/28 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Louis Chevrolet builds his new aircraft engine, no longer associated with Art

(Indianapolis Star)

11/09/28 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Art Chevrolet changes name of firm to

Chevrolet Aviation Motors Corp 

(Indianapolis News)

11/14/28 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Art & Louis appear at hearing, and

argue over use of Chevrolet name 

(Indianapolis News)

1/02/29 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet changes name of firm,

and trademarks the Chevolair name. 

(Indianapolis News)

1/05/29 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Louis Chevrolet demonstrates new Stutz with automotive reporter

(New York Sun)

6/29/29 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet discusses new airplane engine, named the "Chevolair"

(Automotive Industries)

9/05/29 - Louisville, Kentucky

Investors in Chevolair engine business

propose new factory in Louisville

(Cincinnati Enquirer)

October 1929 - New York City

Stock Market Crash with have a major

impact on the Chevrolet Brothers


12/16/29 - Indianapolis, Indiana

James Scripps-Booth sues Stutz, claims

patent infringement with the "da Vinci"

(Indianapolis News)

12/30/29 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Stutz Motor Company has financial

difficulties with creditors

(Wire Report)

1/11/30 - Baltimore, Maryland

Chevrolet Aircraft Corporation moves

operations to Glenn L. Martin Factory

(Baltimore Sun)

1/16/30 - Louisville, Kentucky

Arthur Chevrolet & Chevolair Motors

optimistic about future business

(Louisville Courier-Journal)

2/18/30 - Louisville, Kentucky

Chevolair Motors Inc.

makes initial public offering of stock

(New York Times)

4/12/30 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Travel Air biplane with Chevolair engine

participates in Detroit Air Show

(Indianapolis News)

5/03/30 - New York City

Louis Chevrolet has exhibition booth

at the New York Air Show

(New York Evening Post)

6/06/30 - North Hampton, Mass

Gee Bee biplane with Chevrolet engine

Wins Air Race contest

(Baltimore Sun)

Arthur Chevrolet 1930 Engine Test

6/06/30 - Arlington, Virginia

Art Chevrolet prepping 6-cylinder mill

for Bureau of Standards certification

(The Washington Times)

6/29/30 - Baltimore, Maryland

Louis Chevrolet's 333 Inverted Engine

receives Approved Type Certificate

(Baltimore Sun)

8/13/30 - Chicago, Illinois

Laird Aircraft with Chevolair engine

set to compete in Air Races

(Indianapolis News)

9/02/30 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Chevolair Motors to supply engines

to commercial airline

(Indianapolis News)

9/17/30 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Suzanne Chevrolet travels to Indy in

Waco airplane with Chevrolet engine

(Indianapolis Star)

10/11/30 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Chevolair aircraft engine being

considered for use by U.S. Military

(Indianapolis News)

Circa 1930

Louis Chevrolet

Fine Portrait

(Chevrolet Aircraft Corp Catalog)

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