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Business Matters 1931 - 1943

2/01/31 - Baltimore, Maryland

Louis Chevrolet's aero engine 

slated for mass production

(The Baltimore Sun)

3/15/31 - Baltimore, Maryland

Glenn L. Martin re-names company, 

Louis Chevrolet now Vice President

(The Baltimore Sun)

3/18/31 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Chevolair has cash flow problems, 

creditors take legal action for debts

(Indianapolis Star)

3/19/31 - Baltimore, Maryland

Charles H. Day sets out on global trip 

with Chevrolet powered aircraft

(Wire Report)

4/01/31 - Baltimore, Maryland

Louis Chevrolet's 4-Cylinder Engine 

is reviewed by E.C. Burghduff

(Aviation Engineering)

6/01/31 - Willow Grove, Pennsylvania

Chevrolet powered autogiro (top)

featured in Pitcairn advertising

(Fortune Magazine)

9/18/31 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet Jr. passes away,

worked with his father on the Chevolair

(Indianapolis Star)

12/20/31 - Baltimore, Maryland

Charles H. Day completes global trip, 

Louis Chevrolet greets him upon return 

(New York Times)

3/05/32 - Toronto, Canada

Dominion Motors buys Durant Motors, 

cars being sold under Frontenac name 

(The Toronto Globe)

5/27/32 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet forced to liquidate 

assets in order to satisfy creditors 

(Indianapolis Star)

7/28/32 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Automotive giant Fred Duesenberg dies 

Louis Chevrolet attends funeral 

(Indianapolis Star)

8/14/32 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Interesting details on the fate of the 

Frontenac passenger car prototype 

(Indianapolis Star)

January 1933 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet has new address,

Charles Chevrolet working for Stutz 

(Polk City Directory)

2/24/33 - Detroit, Michigan

Louis Chevrolet moves back to Detroit 

speaks at local Boy Scout meeting 

(Detroit Free Press)

January 1934 - Detroit, Michigan

Louis & Suzanne Chevrolet 

have home on Lakewood 

(Polk City Directory)

January 1934 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet works for Sheriff, 

Louie's sons also listed in directory 

(Polk City Directory)

4/30/34 - Baltimore, Maryland

Martin company goes public (IPO), 

Martin & Chevrolet only stockholders 

(Time Magazine)

5/29/34 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Louie's son Charles Chevrolet dies

on eve of Indianapolis 500 

(United Press International)

6/05/34 - Upstate New York

Louis Chevrolet participates in

GM automobile shows 

(Syracuse Journal)

7/10/34 - Detroit, Michigan

Louis Chevrolet employed by

Axle Manufacturing Company

(Associated Press)

11/07/34 - Detroit, Michigan

Louis Chevrolet promotes Sunoco oil,

part of national advertising campaign

(Sunoco Advertisement)

January 1935 - Detroit, Michigan

Louis Chevrolet working as salesman

for the Easten Chevrolet  Co. dealership

(Polk City Directory)

Spring 1935 - Detroit, Michigan

Eastern Chevrolet was owned by

Ray M. Whyte (partner in Detroit Lions)

(Detroit Telephone Directory)

Circa 1935/36 - Detroit, Michigan

According to interviews, Louis Chevrolet works as salesman for the Sulflo Oil Co.

(Sulflo Logo)

January 1936 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet working for

National Motors Corporation

(Polk City Directory)

9/27/37 - Dearborn, Michigan

Special Meeting of the SAE

Louis Chevrolet among honored guests

(SAE Journal)

January 1938 - Columbus, Indiana

Art Chevrolet works for Cummins Diesel

in research department

(Polk City Directory)

11/18/38 - Columbus, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet suffers injury

while working on the job

(Columbus Republic)

3/19/39 - Lake Worth, Florida

Louis Chevrolet is retired, and spends 

the winter months in Florida

(Palm Beach Post)

January 1941 - Lake Worth, Florida

Louis & Suzanne Chevrolet enjoy their 

retirement years in Florida

(Polk City Directory)

3/23/42 - New Orleans, Louisiana

Andrew Higgins & Preston Tucker join forces to build military equipment

(Wire Report - Milwaukee Sentinel)

1/06/43 - Columbus, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet resigns from Cummins accepts job with Preston Tucker

(Columbus Republic)

6/01/43 - New Orleans, Louisiana

Arthur Chevrolet starts job with

Higgins-Tucker Motor Co.

(The Eureka / Higgins Co. Newsletter)

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