Artifacts & Relics

1909 Chattanooga Race Meet

Trophies awarded to Buick team

(Indianapolis Motor Speedway)

1909 Cobe Cup

Awarded to race winner Louis Chevrolet

(Buick Promotional Flyer)

1910 Indianapolis Race Meet

Class Medal

(Indianapolis Motor Speedway)

1917 Fort Dearborn Trophy

Awarded to Louis Chevrolet

for winning Chicago Speedway Race

(Photo:  Martin Sinzig)

1917 Harkness Trophy - Louis Chevrolet

1917 Harkness Trophy

Awarded to Louis Chevrolet

for winning Sheepshead Bay event

(Billy Dunbar Photo)

1920 Strauss Silver Tea Set

Awarded to Gaston Chevrolet for

winning the Indy 500

(Indianapolis News)

Indiana State Shooting Tournament

High Gun

Awarded to Louis Chevrolet in 1925

(Photo:  Martin Sinzig)

1936 Borg Warner Trophy

Gaston Chevrolet's portrait appears just below the image of Ray Harroun

(Photo:  Billy Dunbar)

11/05/42 - Detroit, Michigan

Early Buick Team Trophies which were

melted down for the War Effort

(Detroit Free Press)