Awards & Recogniton

1952 - Indianapolis, Indiana 

AAA forms Auto Racing Hall of Fame,

Louis Chevrolet is in Inaugural Class

(Photo:  Billy Dunbar) 

1964 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Gaston Chevrolet inducted into the

Auto Racing Hall of Fame

(Indianapolis Motor Speedway)

1969 - Dearborn, Michigan

Louis Chevrolet is inducted into the

Automotive Hall of Fame

(Photo:  Martin Sinzig)

1975 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Sculptor Adolph Wolter created this beautiful bust of Louis Chevrolet

(Photo:  Martin Sinzig)

1990 - Knoxville, Iowa

Arthur & Louis Chevrolet are inducted

in the inaugural class of the 

National Sprint Car Hall of Fame

(Photo:  David Hill)

1991 - Talladega, Alabama

Louis Chevrolet is inducted into the

International Motorsports Hall of Fame


1995 - Novi, Michigan

Louis Chevrolet inducted into the

Motorsports Hall of Fame of America

(Museum is now in Daytona Beach)

2002 - Detroit, Michigan

Gaston Desnoyers inducts his uncle

Gaston Chevrolet into the 

Motorsports Hall of Fame of America

2012 - Flint, Michigan

Sculptor Joe Rundell unveils 

bronze statue of Louis Chevrolet

(Photo:  Billy Dunbar)

2012 Centennial Corvette

pays tribute to it's founder

Louis Chevrolet

(General Motors)

2013 - La Cheaux-de-Fonds, Switz.

Sculptor Christian Gonzenbach unveils

Louis Chevrolet Monument


Skillman Branch - Detroit Public Library

Sculptor Alexandar Buchan's bust of

Louis Chevrolet "The Throttle Stomper"

(Kem Robertson)