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Awards & Recogniton

1952 - Indianapolis, Indiana 

AAA forms Auto Racing Hall of Fame,

Louis Chevrolet is in Inaugural Class

(Photo:  Billy Dunbar) 

1964 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Gaston Chevrolet inducted into the

Auto Racing Hall of Fame

(Indianapolis Motor Speedway)

1969 - Dearborn, Michigan

Louis Chevrolet is inducted into the

Automotive Hall of Fame

(Photo:  Martin Sinzig)

1975 - Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Sculptor Adolph Wolter created this beautiful bust of Louis Chevrolet

(Photo:  Martin Sinzig)

1990 - Knoxville, Iowa

Arthur & Louis Chevrolet are inducted

in the inaugural class of the 

National Sprint Car Hall of Fame

(Photo:  David Brown)

1991 - Talladega, Alabama

Louis Chevrolet is inducted into the

International Motorsports Hall of Fame


1995 - Novi, Michigan

Louis Chevrolet inducted into the

Motorsports Hall of Fame of America

(Museum is now in Daytona Beach)

2002 - Detroit, Michigan

Gaston Desnoyers inducts his uncle

Gaston Chevrolet into the 

Motorsports Hall of Fame of America

Chevrolet Train CH.jpg

2002 Swiss National Exposition

"Louis Chevrolet" high speed train.

Coachwork designed by Pininfarina

(Photo:  Joachim Kohler)

2012 - Flint, Michigan

Sculptor Joe Rundell unveils 

bronze statue of Louis Chevrolet

(Photo:  Billy Dunbar)

2012 Centennial Corvette

pays tribute to it's founder

Louis Chevrolet

(General Motors)

2013 - La Cheaux-de-Fonds, Switz.

Sculptor Christian Gonzenbach unveils

Louis Chevrolet Monument


Skillman Branch - Detroit Public Library

Sculptor Alexandar Buchan's bust of

Louis Chevrolet "The Throttle Stomper"

(Kem Robertson)

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