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Seeking Information


Do you have an old relic related to the Chevrolet brothers? 

If so we would love to hear from you.  We are particularly interested in original first source material.  If you have an item that you are willing to share, please shoot us an e-mail.  The more pieces of the puzzle that we can put together, the clearer the Chevrolet story will get for everyone.


Just be aware that we are not actively engaged in purchasing memorabilia.


Errors & Omissions:

While every effort has been made to be as accurate as possible, there may be a small number of oversights posted in the descriptions on this web-site.  If you should find such a problem, please send us an e-mail.

We want to get the facts right.



Questions, Comments, Criticisms, & Suggestions:

Your input, thoughts, and feedback are very important.  If you have a question we’ll do our best to answer your inquiry.  Likewise if there is a way to improve your experience on this web-site, we would enjoy hearing from you.  Simply go to the contact page to send us an e-mail.


Most inquiries will be answered in 1 or 2 business days.  Thank you.

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