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1/02/10 - New York City

Essay on the 1909 Racing Season

written by Louis Chevrolet

(New York Times)

7/30/10 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Louis Chevrolet on his early years in

France & more 

(Indianapolis News)

7/26/14 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Louis Chevrolet selling Chevys at

William Small Dealership 

(Indianapolis Star)

Margaret Chevrolet Interview

6/01/20 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Margaret Chevrolet comments on her

husband's victory in the Indy 500

(Indiana Daily Times)

1/01/26 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet discusses racing

Fronty Fords

(Ford Dealer and Service Field)

11/25/29 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Essay on Aviation

written by Arthur Chevrolet

(Indianapolis Star)

1930 - Baltimore, Maryland

Interview with Louis Chevrolet,

urges son not to compete in auto racing

(The Baltimore Post)

6/05/34 - Rochester, New York

Louis Chevrolet talks about his

first automobile

(Rochester Evening Journal)

6/05/34 - Syracuse, New York

Louis Chevrolet discusses highway

safety, and the future of automobiles

(Syracuse Journal)

6/06/34 - Syracuse, New York

Extensive Interview

Louis Chevrolet at the GM Auto Show

(Syracuse Herald)

3/13/35 - Detroit, Michigan

Excellent in-depth interview with Louis Chevrolet written by Bob Murphy

(Detroit Times)

11/24/36 - Detroit, Michigan

Superb interview by Maurice Henry,

Louis Chevrolet's plight in the 1930's

(L' Auto - Paris France)

3/13/38 - Detroit, Michigan

Humbling interview by Don Pryor (UPI),

Louis Chevrolet in his retirement years

(United Press International)

5/26/40 - Detroit, Michigan

Interview by David Wilkie (AP),

Louis Chevrolet no longer driving cars

(Associated Press)

8/02/40 - Flint, Michigan

Interview by Harold Gerace, Louis Chevrolet recollects on his childhood

(Flint Daily Journal)

3/17/42 - Syracuse, New York

Nice article on Johnny Bresnahan,

who was Gaston Chevrolet's mechanic

(Syracuse Herald Journal)

6/12/43 - New Orleans, Louisiana

WNOE Radio Interview transcript,

Art Chevrolet involved with War Effort

(The Eureka - Higgins Co. Newsletter) 

6/24/54 - New York, NY

Ralph Mulford recalls his association with the famed Chevrolet brothers.

(Indy Star/Associated Press)

8/17/56 - Plainfield, New Jersey

Interview with sister Marthe Chevrolet,

recounting brothers accomplishments

(Plainfield Courier) 

2/12/60 - Tuscon, Arizona

Interview with Victor Gauvreau who had

worked with the Chevrolet brothers

(Tuscon Daily Citizen) 

1977 - Decatur, Illinois

Loren Hodge writes about his years

working on the Buick Racing Team

(Terry Dunham Collection) 

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