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Unsolved Mysteries


Paris 1897-1900

Little is known about Louis Chevrolet's

activities in Paris.  Where did he live?

Did he have a drivers license? Did he attend the famous Paris auto races?

(1900 World's Fair Postcard)

Brooklyn 1902

According to his 1928 resume, Louis built a truck and a car for the president of the Adams Chewing Gum Company.

Do photos of these vehicles exist?

(Heritage Auctions)

Edouard Alfred Chevrolet

He was the only member of the Chevrolet family that did not immigrate to America.  Not much is known about him, and he died in 1933.

(Indianapolis Motor Speedway)

Etienne Planche

Etienne Planche

Helped engineer the very first Chevrolet passenger car.  He was also the co-inventor on 2 of Louie’s early patents.  Has any of his memorabilia survived?

(Detroit Free Press)

Victor Gauvreau Frontenac Motor Company

Victor Gauvreau

Worked with Louie at the Frontenac Motor Company.  He also wrote an SAE paper on racing engines, but we have had no luck in finding that manuscript.

(Pan Motor Company)

Albert Champion

He was presumably a close friend of Louis, but few details have surfaced 

about their relationship.  Some reports say the friendship ended in a fist fight.

(Buck Peacock)

1915 Frontenac Prototype

This car was shown at an aluminum convention in Detroit in the fall of 1915.

After that it disappears from the radar.

What happened to this piece of history?

(The Automobile)

William Small - Frontenac Motor Company

William Small

Was very close friends of both Louie & Arthur Chevrolet.  He also helped finance the Frontenac racing team.  What happened to his records?

(Indianapolis News)

Aluminum vs Cast Iron Frontenac

Much has been written about the early aluminum Frontenac mills, but at some point in time a switch was made to cast iron.  Details have eluded historians.


Fate of Frontenac Race Cars

At least 4 of the 300 CID cars were built,

and 9 of the 183 cars were made.  None

are known to have survived.  Is there a Frontenac hiding in a barn somewhere?

(Indianapolis Motor Speedway)

Margaret Guerin Chevrolet

After Gaston's accident in 1920 she moved back to Brooklyn, and remarried.

Did Gaston have any photo albums?

What happened the Strauss Trophy?

(Los Angeles Herald)

Fate of Scheel Frontenacs

Herbert Scheel commissioned Louis to build 4 race cars in 1923.  None are known to have survived.  Is it possible that one of these cars is still around?

(Kem Robertson Photo)

Business Records

Both Art & Louie were in business for many years, and generated a lot of paper.  Did the records go into the dumpster, or were they salvaged?

(Chevrolet Bros Letterhead)

Chevrolet Gear & Axle Plant - Detroit

Evidence shows that Louie worked here for a brief time circa 1933, yet little is known of his activities.  Is it possible that records exist on his employment?

(Wayne State University)

Cummins Diesel - Columbus, Indiana

Art worked for Clessie Cummins as an engine tester from 1937 to 1942. Unfortunately little is known about the his activities with this company.

(Indiana University Archives) 

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