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January 1906 - Ormond Beach, Florida

25 Liter Darracq V8

Driver - Louis Chevrolet

(Detroit Public Library)

1905 Darracq - 25 Liter Land Speed Record Car 


Mark Walker purchased the Darracq LSR car in 2006, and spent the next several years restoring it.  This video shows the car being fired up for the first time in nearly a century.

June 1910 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Buick Race Car

Driver - Louis Chevrolet

(Indianapolis Motor Speedway)

1910 Buick Bug Model 60 Race Car

Sloan Museum Curator Jeremy Dimick stops by Jay Leno's shop, and discusses the finer points of the Buick Bug racing machine.

Late 1911 - Detroit Michigan

Chevrolet Classic Six Prototype

Mr. Murphy & Louis Chevrolet

(Detroit Public Library)

1913 Chevrolet Classic Six


Lou Costabile interviews Sloan Museum Curator Jeremy Dimick, and gives a close up view of the Chevrolet Classic Six.

August 1917 - Brooklyn, New York

#54 Frontenac Race Car

Driver - Louis Chevrolet

(Library of Congress)

1917 Match Race - Sheepshead Bay Speedway


Louis Chevrolet races his Frontenac against Barney Oldfield in the Miller powered Golden Submarine, and Ralph DePalma in the 12-cylinder Packard.  

Sept 1917 - Harkness Trophy Race

Ray Bigby & Louis Chevrolet

accept trophy from Harry Harkness

(Kettering University)

1917 Harkness Trophy Race


Louis Chevrolet scored a number of significant victories in 1917, including the Harkness Trophy Race at the Sheepshead Bay Speedway. This film captures Louie's Frontenac in action.

Oct 1918 - Belmont Park, Long Island

#16 Frontenac 

Driver - Louis Chevrolet

(Aircraft Yearbook)

1918 Belmont Park - Long Island, NY


Interesting film showing Louis Chevrolet in a special exhibition race against an Army Scout Plane.

Sept 1919 - Sheepshead Bay Speedway 

Race Action

Louie's Machine Catches on Fire 

(Pathe Films Newsreel)

1919 Sheepshead Bay Speedway - Brooklyn, NY

Louis & Gaston Chevrolet in terrific side by side action, at the colossal 2-mile high banked facility.  Louis' machine caught fire that day, and both he and his mechanician were badly burned.

May 1920 - Indianapolis Speedway

Gaston Chevrolet Wins 500

Brother Louis on right celebrates

(Goodyear News Service)

Gaston Chevrolet wins the 1920 Indianapolis 500

Highlights of the 1920 Indianapolis 500.  Gaston Chevrolet, driving a Monroe sponsored Frontenac, wins the 500 without a tire change.

November 1920 - Beverly Hills, CA

#6 Frontenac

Driver - Gaston Chevrolet

(Newsreel Film Still)

1920 Thanksgiving Day Race - Beverly Hills, CA


Rare footage of the tragic accident that cost the lives of Eddie O'Donnell, Lyall Jolls, and Gaston Chevrolet.

May 1924 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Fronty Ford Race Car

Henry Ford and Louis Chevrolet

(The Henry Ford)

May 1924 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Fronty Ford Race Car

Henry Ford and Louis Chevrolet

(The Henry Ford)

1924 Indianapolis 500


A few seconds of the famous meeting of Henry Ford & Louis Chevrolet, where Henry is seated in the Fronty Ford race car.