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General Correspondence

                1909 - 1942

Original documents pertaining to the Chevrolet brothers are genuinely scarce.  In a 1971 interview with Friends Magazine, Marthe Chevrolet indicated that a fire destroyed a number of Louie’s records at her home in 1934.  Periodically new documents will surface, and when they do they often provide new insights into the brother’s activities.  Below are some fine letters that have survived the test of time.

10/14/09 - New York City

Louis Chevrolet races to victory  

using Schebler Carburetor

(Schebler Carburetor Advertisement)

11/12/09 - Flint, Michigan

Louis Chevrolet writes to Monogram Oil 

regarding victory in Atlanta

(Monogram Oil Advertisement)

1911 Letter signed by Louis Chevrolet

2/09/11 - New York City

Buick Team disbands, Peter MacGregor 

receives letters of recommendation

(Peter MacGregor Collection)

1/27/16 - Detroit, Michigan

Louis Chevrolet writes to close friend 

Alexander Gontier about trip to Paris

(Gontier Family Collection)

12/22/16 - Plainfield, NJ

Louis Chevrolet writes Hearst's HQ  

about forthcoming AMC ad campaign

(Motor Magazine)

7/14/17 -Minneapolis, Minnesota

Louis Chevrolet writes to Pure Oil Co., 

and praises performance of gasoline

(Billy Dunbar Collection)

10/20/17 - New Orleans, Louisiana

Louis Chevrolet thanks local Buick 

dealer for use of their service dept.

(New Orleans Item)

10/20/17 - New Orleans, Louisiana

Louie's mechanic Ernest Longchamps

compliments local Buick dealer 

(New Orleans Item)

6/07/20 - Indianapolis, Indiana

Louis Chevrolet write E.C. Atkins & Co.,

thanking them for metallugy work

(Indianapolis News)

1/10/35 - Detroit, Michigan

Louis Chevrolet writes Edward Naukom 

about his Swiss heritage

(Pierre Barras Collection)

12/14/39 - Lake Worth, Florida

Louis Chevrolet writes to a close friend 

about his winter vacation in Florida

(Indianapolis Motor Speedway)

12/28/42 - Columbus, Indiana

Arthur Chevrolet receives job offer from Preston Tucker

(Dick Wallen Collection)

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