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Non-Profit Organizations

Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum

Home to one of the finest collections

of automobiles in the world, and lots of Chevrolet Brothers racing history too.

Detroit Public Library

Skillman Branch

Contains the holdings of the 

National Automotive History Collection.

Automotive Hall of Fame

Pays respect to the men & women who have made significant contributions in the automobile industry.

The Henry Ford Museum 

Inspired Walt Disney's theme parks!  The Benson Ford Research Center has the holdings of the Ford Archives.  

Antique Automobile Club of America 

Has a wonderful staff, and a significant collection of automotive literature.  Home to the Dunwoody Archives.  

Vintage Chevrolet Club of America 

The oldest Chevy organization in the country, with a talented group of people dedicated to preserving the Bow Tie.  

The Sloan Museum 

Home to the Buick Gallery, and the Perry Archives.  This facility boasts a rich history, and a super friendly staff.

Glenn L. Martin Museum 

Preserves the history of a truly great aviation pioneer.  Their holdings cover business, and engineering interests.   

Chicago History Museum 

Caretaker of the Chicago Daily News photo archive.  They have thousands of original glass plate negatives. 

Society of Automotive Historians

Talent-rich group of enthusiasts with a wide ranging interest in automobiles.  Got a question?  Look no further.    

Horseless Carriage Foundation

A wonderful library with many obscure, and obsolete titles in their collection.  Many historians rely on the HCF.    

Tacoma Public Library

Home of the Marvin Boland collection.  These are amongst the finest images that chronicle early racing history. 

Museum of American Speed

"Speedy" Bill Smith's unbelievable collection of race cars and engines.  All forms of motor sport are represented.

The Revs Institute

Features the Collier Collection, and a beautiful library.  The hardware here is stunning, and simply over the top. 

The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum

Art Deco in all its splendor, and American engineering that rivals the greatest cars in the world.  A must see. 

The Free Library of Philadelphia

Terrific holdings of automotive material, including books, factory literature, and photographic images. 

Int'l Motor Racing Research Center

A fine library with substantial holdings.  The center also hosts annual meetings & symposiums on racing history.

Hathi Trust Digital Library

Easy to use on-line resource with material from 1,000's of libraries.  Many out of print titles to chose from.

Educational / Higher Learning

Durant-Dort Factory One

The Kettering University Archives are housed here.  Includes the collection of GM founder William Crapo Durant,

Indiana Univ / Purdue Univ Library

The massive holdings of the IMS collection are being digitized.  With over 3.5 million photos, it is a huge project.

The Smithsonian Institute

The National Air & Space Museum has a great collection of archival material.  This includes papers of Louie & Art.

The Cranbrook Institute

An elite school with a beautiful campus.  The archives contain the papers of James Scripps Booth.

University of Michigan Library

With 14 million volumes, it ranks as one of the largest libraries in the US.  The automotive collection is superb.

Wayne State University Library

The archive department features the glass plate negative and photograph collection of the Detroit News.


The Library of Congress

Has titles you won't find anywhere else. The on-line collections feature digital newspapers and photo archives.

The National Archives

Home to our countries most important documents.  Many records of the Chevrolet Brothers are located here. 

Indiana State Archives

Has a wonderful staff of archivists, and a beautiful collection of records.  Lots of auto industry related material.

Archives of Michigan

Contains records on many pioneering automotive concerns, and the people who founded them.  A terrific resource.

New York State Archives

A treasure of rare documents, including material on the Chevrolet Family.  This archive has a very knowledgeable staff.

New York City Municipal Archives

The Big Apple has great history, and the folks at the NYC Archives keep it alive.  The facility contains millions of records.

Automotive History Sites

Howard Kroplick's award winning site.  The Vanderbilt Cup was America's first major motor racing event.

Historian Mark Dill's excellent site on early auto racing and the Indy 500.  Thousands of great articles & photos.

Award winning website that features a comprehensive data base on early  automotive coach builders.  5 Stars!      

Concours d'Elegance

Hillsborough Concours d'Elegance

America's oldest continuous concours.  This show has everything from Tin Lizzies to Supercars.  A terrific event!

Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

The grand daddy of car shows.  The one show that is on every serious car buff's bucket list.  A spectacle for the eyes.     

Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance

The major event of the winter season.  The folks in Florida know how to roll out the red carpet.  Great cars & people 

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