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Dedicated to the First Family of Automobile Racing

 Louis Chevrolet 

Louie was a race car driver, an inventor, and an automotive pioneer.  He raced in events all over the country (including Daytona Beach & Indianapolis), and was a dominant driver during the Golden Age of automobile racing.  Louie designed and built the very first Chevrolet passenger car, the "Classic Six", and founded the company that bears his name.

(Photo:  Donna Burleaud)

 Arthur Chevrolet 

Art competed in the very first Indy 500. Like his older brother Louie, he had a creative mind, and held a number of U.S. Patents.  In the 1920's his Model T based "Fronty" Ford race cars dominated dirt track racing throughout the U.S.  In later years Art built both aircraft & diesel engines, and during the second world war he specialized in marine power plants.

(Photo:  The Revs Institute) 

 Gaston Chevrolet 

Gaston was the youngest member of the Chevrolet family, and he followed in his older brothers footsteps by competing in major AAA sanctioned automobile races. He scored a number of significant victories on the board tracks during the 1919 season, and won the Indy 500 in 1920. Sadly he lost his life in a racing accident at the peak of his career.


(Photo:  Goodyear News Service)

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